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1. Liquid Chromatography

1.1 HPLC-Columns

Carbohydrate CA++ - HPLC Columns 138 kB
Hamilton Cross Reference List HPLC Columns 44 kB
HPLC Columns Chiral AM 274 kB
HPLC Columns Chiral OM 27 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh 81 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh Bio-Series 154 kB
HPLC Columns MultoHigh-U 1600 kB
HPLC Columns Organic Acid 137 kB
HPLC-Normal Phase Columns. General information 36 kB
HPLC-Phases- all Multo-Typs from CS 154 kB
HPLC-Reversed Phase Columns. General information 24 kB
MultoHigh Phenyl 168 kB
Multospher-APS-HP 730 kB
Multospher-PFAS 141 kB
Precolumn cartridges

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   HPLC Pre Columns
   HPLC Pre Column Cartridges
   Short Columns
151 kB

1. Liquid Chromatography

1.4 Accessories

Connecting options for analytical HPLC Columns

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   HPLC Column Accessories
90 kB
Flowmeter HPLC 121 kB
Guard Column Holder for 1 cm Guard Columns 200 kB
Guard Column Holder for HPLC Guard Columns 298 kB
HPLC Column Thermostat 328 kB
Inline Manometer HPLC 77 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.1 Derivatisation Agents

Silylation Agents MSTFA 46 kB
Silylation Agents TSIM 48 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.2 Liner

Liner - Cleaning and Deactivation. Order Form

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Cleaning and Deactivation GC-Liner
183 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.3 Columns

FS Capillary Column CS-624 114 kB
FS Capillary Column INNOPEG-2000 99 kB
FS Supreme-5ms Capillary Columns 120 kB
FS-CYCLODEX Capillary Columns 106 kB
FS-Supreme-5ms / Hydrocarbon Analysis by H53 Method 471 kB
Gas Chromatography with Packed Columns

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Packed GC-Columns
189 kB
USP-Codes for GC Phases 36 kB

2. Gas Chromatography

2.4 Accessories

Gas Electronic Leak Detector LD239 143 kB
GC pre-column 131 kB
Hydrogen Emergency Shut-off System for GC laboratories 169 kB
Order Form for Packed GC Colums

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Packed GC-Columns Order Form
69 kB
SGT - Gas Filters (Base Plate) 1947 kB
SGT - Gas Filters (Big Trap) 1524 kB
SGT - Gas Filters (Click-On) 2010 kB

3. Vials & Caps

3.1 Vials & Caps

Fluorine-free sealing disks…not just for PFS analysis 123 kB
High Temperature Head Space Analysis 164 kB

3. Vials & Caps

3.2 Crimper & Decapper

Mechanical Crimper and Decapper / Installation 210 kB
Setup Instructions for manual Crimpers 468 kB

4. Sampling & Sample Preparation

4.2 Polyurenthane Foam Filter (PUF)

PU Foam for Gas Sampling 54 kB

5. Liquid Handling, Fluidics, Syringes

5.1 Syringes, Microlab

CTC-Syringes 240 kB
Glass Pipette & PEEK Tubing Connectors 2193 kB
Syringes Catalog 3503 kB
Syringes-Care & Use 1483 kB

5. Liquid Handling, Fluidics, Syringes

5.2 Valves

Booklet IDEX-/Upchurch. All about fittings 3318 kB

6. Accessories (general), Services, Other

Surface treatment of glass: description and sample request

You can find further information in the catalogue:
   Glass Surface Treatment
103 kB
Syringe Filters MULTOCLEAR 116 kB

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